Erica Dicker, Taking Auspices [solo] (Tubapede Records)

Vaster Than Empires, Vaster Than Empires [self-titled] (Parlour Tapes)


Anthony Braxton, Trillium J: The Non-Unconfessionables - Composition No. 380 (Tricentric Records) 

Ryan Ingebritsen, Rock Paper Scissors (Parlour Tapes)

Anthony Braxton, 12 Duets (Diamond Curtain Wall Music) 2012, (New Braxton House Records) 

Anthony Braxton, Quartet (Warsaw) 2012 (Fortune Records) 

Hiram Navarrete, Negativo (Striking Mechanism Records)  

Pretty Monsters, Pretty Monsters (Public Eyesore Records) 

Anthony Braxton, Trillium E - Composition No. 237 (Tricentric Records) 

I’m In You, I’m In You (self released)

Roommate, We Were Enchanted (Plug Research/Shrug Records) 

Till by Turning, Quotidian: Music of Jessica Pavone (Peacock Records) 

Roommate, New Steam EP (Plug Research/Shrug Records)